Got Fiber?

Do you still have fiber from your harvest last year sitting in bags? Is your fiber acting as insulation for your barn? You work too hard throughout the year caring for your alpacas to leave their fiber sitting around.

America's Natural Fiberworks is here to help! It is time for you to get that fiber boxed up and mailed out. With all inclusive simple pricing starting at $28.00 a pound for processing, you can't wait any longer to start making money off of your harvest!

Blessed Criations and KB Alpacas have come together to give the alpaca industry a full service fiber mill to process your fiber. We know what it is like to care for these animals year round, and we appreciate the uniqueness of each blanket. Allow us to process your fiber and you will be glad you did!

Thank you for visiting Blessed Criations Alpaca Ranch. Our breeding program has been focused on fiber from the very beginning. The result is a consistent fiber production herd with a lingering fineness that has resulted in a highly sought after and nationally sold yarns.

While you are browsing our website, you will meet our alpacas, see their products, and visit our mill. Our yarns are small batch and as unique as the alpaca who produced it. We have 100% alpaca yarns, and specialty blends. Our specialty blends will exhibit fibers that compliment alpaca which result in a yarn product you will not find produced anywhere else. One of our favorite blends is our alpaca/cormo blend. The alpaca gives a softness and natural luster to the yarn, while the cormo wool gives the yarn a stability to retain the form and shape of your end product. The cormo is a breed that combines superfine merino with the large frame of the corriedale sheep, which can be found mingling with our alpacas here at Blessed Criations.

While visiting our website, be sure to check out the mill. America's Natural Fiberworks, LLC proudly supports U.S. and Canadian fiber producers with high quality yarns from their herd. There is a great virtual tour of our mill, highly recommended for potential and new breeders and those who are experienced breeders searching for a place to process their fleece harvest.

Before you leave be sure to visit our yarn store. You might find a yarn you just can't live without!

Thank you for touring Blessed Criations and America's Natural Fiberworks! We would love to answer any questions you have about your alpaca adventure from start to finish.

Blessed Criations Alpaca Ranch offers financing for alpaca purchases.

36 Month Term Maximum
50% Down
12 Months no Interest
Prime plus 2% for 13 months-24 months
Prime plus 3% for 25 months-36 months

ARI will not be transferred until paid in full.
Any offspring born during financing term will be in Blessed Criations name.
Insurance must be held for balance due at all times, with Blessed Criations as leinholder.